GameCreate makes managing game servers easy. Whether you're doing it at an enterprise level with hundreds of servers, or if you're just a hobbyist running only one server, GameCreate ensures that one of your most valuable assets - time - isn't needlessly wasted. A powerful web-based interface lets you control any number of game servers on any number of hosts, each of which is managed by a lightweight, simple application.

Why GameCreate?
  • Lower the entry point for providers:
    ISPs and GSPs can deploy GameCreate servers on their platform with little or no experience, making it simple to start game servers for the majority of popular online titles.
  • Lower management overhead:
    A simple yet powerful web-based interface means you can control all your services from anywhere, at any time, with the greatest ease. No more fumbling around with complex configuration files - everything is available as a selectable option from a standarized interface.
  • Rapid response to customer requests:
    GameCreate comes with predefined configuration files and options for the supported games to allow you to get your servers up and running as soon as possible. Game updates are packaged and installed by GameCreate as soon as they are released so your servers are always up to date.
  • Grow your business with ease:
    GameCreate is built to handle an expanding business. Monitor player usage levels and resource consumption with GameCreate's statistical package so that your servers do not become overloaded. GameCreate can easily move servers around when the time comes to add more hardware.
  • Provide a unique customer experience:
    Provide your community with the ability to book temporary servers for any game (not just Half-Life/Half-Life 2 related) you choose to host. Making ia booking a server is as simple as filling out the settings they require. The server will be created on the date and time they have chosen, and shutdown automatically when the booking expires.
  • Go cross-platform:
    With native support for both Windows and Linux servers, GameCreate lets you get the most out of your existing software and personell commitment.
  • Improve reliability and stability:
    GameCreate monitors all servers it manages - if a server fails for any reason, GameCreate will restart it automatically.
  • Work with your users:
    ISPs and GSPs can give community members access to GameCreate-managed servers to facilitate game server management without impacting system security. Grant as much or as little access as you wish with GameCreate's fine-grained access controls.
  • Enhance deployment for game developers:
    Developers and publishers can pre-load server installs to thousands of ISP and GSPs around the world at once, complete with provided configuration, ensuring that an adequate number of servers are deployed to meet demand for the launch of a new title.
  • Reduce cost of deployment:
    Developers can release a small package consisting of the GameCreate application to deploy their dedicated game server files to hosts. GameCreate will do the rest.

In-depth coverage of GameCreate's features.

Game Service Providers

Running multiple servers of any type is a challenge - game servers particularly so. Ensuring you're running the right versions, battling arcade configuration files, and walking the fine line between over-loaded servers and a well-balanced setup - every step of the way you're running into problems that can make the difference between having a service that is of value to your customers, and having a service that is totally ignored.

GameCreate takes the guess-work out of running game servers. With a huge variety of supported titles - plus their various modifications - a single server administrator can manage hundreds of game servers from one web interface. Servers can be allocated to your various hardware resources, configured, started and stopped, all from the one easy-to-use administration system. Once the GameCreate manager software is installed on your hardware, you'll almost never need to directly access them again.

GameCreate helps you get the most out of your resources by helping you keep track of what is happening on your network. Easy-to-read graphs make finding out which servers are struggling with resource limitations a breeze. If you want to experiment with various server settings, you can do so, and see the results of your changes in terms of both resource consumption and popularity amongst your user base.

Game Publishers

One of the biggest challenges for new titles is competing online. As Internet usage continues to grow along with the number of people connected with broadband services, gaming is getting more and more of the spotlight, with multiplayer games are spearheading the invasion.

At any given time, there are literally tens of thousands of game servers spanning a huge variety of games. Competing for resources for game servers is a growing challenge for game publishers, who want to make sure when a gamer buys their title, they're going to be able to play it online.

GameCreate makes it easy for publishers to ensure their game will be widely supported. Ensuring a new title is GameCreate compatible and having it available in GameCreate for launch will make it as easy as possible for you - along with ISPs and GSPs - to set up and manage your game online, as well as track performance and popularity.

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