The GameCreate Client is available for the Windows and Linux platforms.

GameCreate does not require you to download and install a web interface; you interact with your host computers using Once you have downloaded the client:

  • Login to
  • Click on the 'Hosts' tab
  • Click on 'Add a new host'
  • Follow the instructions on adding your host computer to GameCreate

GameCreate Client
Platform MD5 Sum Version Size Download
GameCreate Client - Windows 172a7f3e0cd4ff212a42ad5014f47da7 5.2.8 2028 kB Download
GameCreate Client - Linux 994798f2e5fca2333ea1343097f68f9a 5.2.8 1206 kB Download
Other Files
Name MD5 Sum Version Size Download
External Authentication Example 0f8b56365ba50ec4f8b3b7368a016f7a 1.0.0 126 kB Download
Temporary Servers Integration Example 61a61f08dbdd29251559f7b34e4b550d 1.0.0 6 kB Download
Content Server Support Files e69bba7fdbe0bc0728a66d2c998e3652 1.0.2 9 kB Download
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