GameCreate's live demo allows you to take GameCreate for a test drive, without requiring any setup or installation on your own behalf.

You will have access to a fully functional example site to try features such as:

  • Software installation
  • Creating and configuring game servers
  • View server statistics
  • GameCreate's unique temporary servers feature
Demonstration Site
Select your appropriate geographical location to be served content from a localized webserver.

Geographical Location:

Login to Demonstration site

The username and password for the demonstration site is "demoadmin".

Visit Demonstration Bookings area

This is a demonstration of the temporary servers self-service area available to all GameCreate customers. Using this feature, your community can book a game server that will run on your infrastructure for a short period of time - typically 2 hours.

This demonstration uses host computers on GameCreate's internal network - any created game servers are not accessible to the general public. For this reason most statistical data is randomly created so as to still provide a useful demonstration of GameCreate's statistical functionality.

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