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PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 1:46 am    Post subject: Command Line - choose a file to run from. Reply with quote


I've been using Gamecreate to manage my Gameservers for a while now, and I am impressed. However, I think it is missing a crucial feature:

In the Gamecreate admin panel, when you select a server to edit it's configuration, or create a new gameserver, you are unable to change the directory to the file or change the filename which is required to start the gameserver. For example, I run Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory servers with Gamecreate to administer them. However, the Gamecreate admin panel points the command line to start the gameservers with a file named "ettv.x86" (linux) which is the default for Gamecreate, and cannot be changed. The gameservers actually start with a file named "etded.x86" (linux).
At the start, to find a solution to this, I had to seek support, when it could have been easier to be able to change the file path/name that Gamecreate had been pointing at to start the server with the admin panel.

The reason I suggest this is because I am having a problem; in the server file system, I use 5 different folders ('et', 'et1', 'et2', 'et3', 'et4'), each for 1 different gameserver. ('et' is the directory that Gamecreate installed Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory into). Some games work cleaner like this, logs are not mixed up, and game maps and mods can be download through the specific folder, and you won't end up downloading the files that are not required.
Now I am starting a new gameserver using a startup file that is a different version to the others, this special file allows the server to show in the Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory version 2.55 server listings, while still running the same version as the other servers - 2.60b. This allows players from older versions of the game to connect as well as newer versions. It's called the 2.55+ patch. I have used it before, so I know it works, but I haven't used it on Gamecreate, but a past gameserver hosting service. The problem is it will not show in the version 2.55 server listings. I have been seeking the source of the problem for a few hours now.

Here is how I found what I think might be the problem:
What I have done is start the gameserver via Gamecreate admin panel, however it does not show in the 2.55 server listings. I then tested starting the gameserver with 'putty' which is a SSH Client which allows me to access SSH on my server - for those of you who don't know. It did show in the 2.55 server listings, but I would prefer to use Gamecreate for this as I am not very good at using SSH access and linux commands, and when I close putty down (which eventually I must do to turn off my computer), the gameserver shuts down.

I suspect from these tests that the issue is Gamecreate is only using the startup file (ettv.x86) from the directory 'et' to start all the servers, and the new gameserver will run from the 'et3' directory, which will have the different startup file version. As I have already said, you are unable to change the directory to the file or change the filename which is required to start the gameserver. This need to change.

To narrow it down; Gamecreate Admin Panel Needs a feature that allows admins to be able to change the directory of the gameserver startup file that Gamecreate will point to, and change the name of the gameserver startup file.

For example:
In the server file system, there is a startup file called 'etded.x86' in the directory '/home/gamecreate/et3'.
By default Gamecreate points to the startup file 'ettv.x86' in the directory '/home/gamecreate/et'. However this file/directory may not exist so the gameserver cannot start.

Add the feature to change the directory which Gamecreate points to for the gameserver startup file, and the gameserver startup file name which gamecreate points to. Layout could be something like this under the configuration tab when you select a gameserver:

Maximum Players: ....
Startup Path: ---------------------Large box for startup file directory--------------------- --a smaller box for the startup file name--
Command Line: ....

MaTT (TitaN655)
ETernal Clan Leading-Team
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2011 3:57 am 


PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sorry if i'm being impatient, I don't know if you are implementing this feature suggestion or not, so can I get a reply? Or is GameCreate dead? Because nothing seems to be going on in the Forums and the last news release was 28th October, 2007...
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